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About the GPMHSC

Mission statement

With a multidisciplinary approach to education, policy and advocacy, the GPMHSC strives towards optimal mental health and wellbeing for the Australian population by supporting GPs to deliver quality primary mental health care.


The GPMHSC is a multidisciplinary body funded by the Commonwealth Government under the Better Access initiative.

The GPMHSC is managed by the RACGP, which provides secretariat services and
chairs the GPMHSC Committee.


The GPMHSC includes representatives from general practice, psychiatry, psychology and the community. The committee members are nominated by the RACGP, the ACRRM, the RANZCP, the APS, and consumer and carer representatives through MHA.

The role of the GPMHSC

  • establishes standards for GP training in mental health in relation to the Better Access initiative
  • accredits training activities related to general practice mental healthcare
  • promotes accredited general practice training in mental health that aims to develop GPs’ knowledge of and skills in detecting and treating mental illness
  • promotes the uptake of MBS mental health items under the Better Access initiative
  • develops resources to support GPs to provide mental health services
  • regularly updates the general practice sector about current mental health issues
  • contributes to the development of policy for general practice and mental health.

The role of the GPMHSC Secretariat

To support the GPMHSC, the GPMHSC Secretariat:

  • pre-adjudicates skills training activities before the GPMHSC Committee completes a formal adjudication
  • pre-adjudicates applications from GPs who wish to be exempt from skills training activities
  • adjudicates Mental Health CPD (MH CPD) and and Focussed Psychological Strategies Continuing Professional Development (FPS CPD) in accordance with the GPMHSC’s training standards
  • notifies the details of GPs who are eligible to claim Better Access MBS item numbers to Medicare Australia
  • develops supporting resources about primary mental healthcare and the Better Access initiative for GPs and training providers
  • provides support to the GPMHSC Committee and Chair
  • responds to general enquiries from GPs, practice managers, training providers, Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and other stakeholders about GPMHSC-accredited training and the Better Access initiative
  • provides ongoing communication, marketing and support to help implement the GPMHSC Standards.

Identifying mental health training activities that are GPMHSC-accredited

Accredited activity