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Focussed Psychological Strategies CPD


FPS CPD extends the skills in the provision of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS), developed from evidence-based psychological interventions. FPS CPD courses build on the skills acquired through FPS ST. This can include activities based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (ITP).

FPS CPD activities may include the following:

The GPMHSC adjudicates the content of all mental health continuing professional development (CPD) activities, independently of RACGP CPD and/or ACRRM PDP requirements. This ensures that all education and training for GPs in mental health meets the standards set by the GPMHSC.

For additional information on the requirements for FPS CPD activities, please download the Mental health training standards 2023–25: a guide for general practitioners.

Maintaining your registration as an FPS provider


To maintain registration with Medicare Australia as a FPS provider, GPs are required to complete at least one FPS CPD course every triennium (beginning after the first triennium in which FPS ST was completed). This will ensure continued use of MBS items that relate to the provision of FPS (2721 – 2717; or non-VR equivalent).

View accredited RACGP courses here.

View accredited ACRRM courses here.

GP providers of FPS may elect to fulfil their FPS CPD requirement by completing a peer group learning (formally small group learning) activity in FPS. The PGL format offers GP providers of FPS the opportunity to connect with peers who share a similar interest in mental health and general practice.

A quick guide to developing peer group learning (PGL) activities: a resource for GP providers of FPS provides more information on developing and submitting a PGL activity for your FPS CPD requirement.

Self-recording unaccredited FPS CPD courses


If you have participated in an activity you believe extends your skills in FPS and would like it assessed for FPS CPD, please email Make sure to attach the following documentation:

The GPMHSC will assess program content and advise whether the activity is eligible for FPS CPD.



GPMHSC-Mental-health-training-standards-2023-25_A-guide-for-GPs.pdf Quick-guide-to-developing-PGL.pdf