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Questions to ask your PHN

  • What services are provided?
  • How does a GP or patient obtain access to the service?
  • Which patients are suitable and/or eligible?
  • Who decides what service is offered and how is that determined?
  • Who provides the service?
  • How is the patient reassessed at the end of a cycle of care?
  • How does clinical handover occur between the GP and the service?
  • How often is the person encouraged to make contact with their GP and how is the GP incorporated into the care plan?
  • Who does the GP or patient contact if there are concerns about the service?
  • Is there any facility to manage patients from marginalised groups  (eg geographically isolated, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, elderly people, children, people from culturally and linguistically diverse [CALD] backgrounds)?
  • What is the process for reporting back to the referring GP?

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Working with the Stepped Care Model