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What are the impacts of suicide?

If you were involved in the care of the person who has suicided, you might also be affected by suicide bereavement. In this case, you face managing your emotions (eg sense of loss, personal or professional failure), often while needing to provide support to the bereaved family and community members.8

Suicide bereaved individuals are at increased risk of developing adverse physical and mental health reactions including:

  •  suicidal ideation and suicide
  •  complicated grief or prolonged grief disorder
  •  PTSD
  •  depression
  •  substance-use disorders.8,25,35,38–41

Suicide-bereaved children are also at increased risk of depression, anxiety and PTSD.42

The social stigma that many suicide-bereaved individuals experience can be a major inhibiting factor to help-seeking and may prevent participation in suicide postvention interventions.8


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