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What is this resource?

Every day, almost eight people in Australia die by suicide.1 For each of those people, the impact on those around them, including clinicians, may be profound and prolonged.2–4 Being bereaved by suicide has been described as ‘grief with the volume turned up’.5

After suicideA resource for GPs is designed to help general practitioners (GPs) respond to suicide in their communities – particularly those in Australia’s rural and remote regions. It contains useful information, links and resources to add to your tool kit to help bereaved patients, your community and yourself. It is not a replacement for comprehensive mental health training, nor is it a clinical practice guide.

The GPMHSC has developed a second resource – Suicide prevention and first aid: A resource for GPs, which aims to support GPs to recognise and respond to patients whose mental health issues might be risk factors for suicide. This resource is available on the GPMHSC website. 


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After suicide: A resource for GPs