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Resources for your toolkit

Suicide bereavement and postvention resources

beyondblue – Examples (with videos) of what people recently bereaved by suicide might experience
beyondblue – How to support someone who is bereaved
beyondblue – Understanding suicide and grief
beyondblue – 'Finding your way back', a resource for people who have attempted suicide
beyond blue - 'Guiding their way back', a resource for people who are supporting someone after a suicide attempt
beyond blue - 'Finding our way back', a resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples after a suicide attempt
Living is For Everyone (LIFE) – The LIFE Library is a national initiative aimed to improve access to information about suicide and provide state and territory resources to support those bereaved by suicide
headspace – The Postvention Toolkit is a guide for secondary schools on how to respond to a student suicide
The Salvation Army – A suicide prevention and bereavement support resource that includes free online training to support people at risk of suicide
Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services – A resource for people who have lost a loved one in a sudden or unexpected way
Support after Suicide – Education for health and welfare professionals, resources for counselling and group support for those bereaved by suicide
SANE – Podcast entitled 'Has someone close to you died by suicide?',
SANE – Podcast entitled 'Is someone close to you bereaved by suicide?'

Lifeline – Provides suicide bereavement downloads such as:

  • Fact sheet: What is suicide bereavement?
  • Survivors of suicide
  • Towards good practice: Standards and guidelines for suicide bereavement support groups
  • Practice handbook: Suicide bereavement support group facilitation

Lifeline – Several tool kits, including:

  • Helping someone at risk of suicide
  • Coping with sorrow, loss and grief
  • Suicide prevention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Getting through floods, drought and extreme climate events

The Australian Psychological Society – Suicide prevention tools and resources

Clinician resources

Psychiatric Times – A special report on the impact of patient suicide on clinicians
Clinician Survivor Task Force (CSTF) – Created by the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) to support the needs of clinicians after the loss of a patient to suicide or for clinicians who have lost family members to suicide