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Applying for an exemption to complete MHST and/or FPS ST

In exceptional circumstances, the GPMHSC can award a GP exemption from completing MHST and/or FPS ST accreditation in order to gain access to mental healthcare items through the MBS.

Although the GPMHSC strongly recommends that all GPs complete mental health training, if you can demonstrate that you have achieved the learning objectives of MHST (Primary Pathway or Modular Pathway) and/or FPS ST, you can apply for an exemption, as explained below.

Stage 1: Complete application

  1. Complete the application form for exemption from MHST and/or FPS ST
  2. Attach evidence of the formal mental health training that you have completed. This includes copies of certificates of completion and/or academic transcripts.
  3. If you completed the training more than five years ago, also attach evidence of MH CPD you have completed in the past five years.
  4. Attach a current résumé that includes your training history.
  5. Attach a letter of reference from a professional person who can vouch for your previous education, training, and experience.
  6. Send all of the above to the GPMHSC Secretariat.

Stage 2: GPMHSC processes your application

  1. The GPMHSC Committee will review your application at the next meeting of the GPMHSC Committee.
  2. Within 10 business days of the meeting, they will notify you of the outcome in writing. If your application is successful, the GPMHSC will provide relevant details to Medicare Australia.
  3. Medicare Australia will mail you a letter (usually approximately 2–4 weeks after it receives notification from the GPMHSC) confirming your status and the MBS item numbers you can claim. You cannot claim against these numbers until you have received this letter.

Why is Medicare Australia rejecting my item claims when the GPMHSC has confirmed that I am exempt from the training?

Medicare may not have processed the notification from the GPMHSC.

It can take up to four weeks for Medicare Australia to update your record and advise you of this in writing. You must wait until you receive the confirmation letter from Medicare Australia before claiming against the relevant item numbers.


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