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FPS skills training: Why interpersonal therapy?

Are you a provider of FPS, or are you thinking about training in FPS? Dr Cate Howell tells us why interpersonal therapy is an FPS worth training in:

Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is one of the recognised FPS. Let’s consider why it’s included under FPS, and why you might think about undertaking skills training in relation to IPT.

IPT was developed in the 1970s as a short-term therapy with patients experiencing depression. These days, there’s a strong evidence base across a range of common mental health problems and a range of ages (adolescents and adults).

This approach proposes that relationships have central importance in human survival and adaptation, and that we become distressed if there are disruptions in our relationships with others. The focus in IPT is therefore on modifying disrupted interpersonal relationships and dealing with relationship expectations.

IPT helps us identify potential problem areas such as adapting to role changes across the lifespan and loss and grief and involves helpful interventions to reduce symptoms and improve social functioning. It has a structured approach, and strategies from other therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy can be integrated with it.

Dr Cate Howell Mental Health Education and Training offers accredited FPS skills training via 11 hours of online modules (CDP Educational Activities) and nine hours of live webinars (CDP Reviewing Performance).

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