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Mental health training standards 2020–22

The GPMHSC has officially released the Mental health training standards 2020–22.

The release of the Mental health training standards 2020–22 represents a renewed commitment to continually improve Australia’s primary mental health system.

For two decades, the work undertaken by the GPMHSC has increased GPs’ skills and knowledge in detecting, diagnosing and managing mental illnesses within the context of general practice. By upholding the standard of high-quality general practice training, the GPMHSC will continue to ensure that Australians receive optimal mental health care.

Building on this work and complementing the standards of education and training of the RACGP and the ACRRM curriculum for Australian general practice, the mental health training standards focus on post-vocational training and continuing professional development (CPD) for GPs.

The new standards provide training providers with knowledge around the specific requirements of accredited mental health training and CPD in mental health. The revised guide aims to ensure continued clarity for GPs on their eligibility for MBS item numbers in the provision of primary mental healthcare.

Key changes to the guide include:
  • revision of the GP mental health training framework
  • inclusion of the Advanced Mental Health Skills Acknowledgement Position Statement
  • refinement on the specific accreditation requirements of e-learning programs
  • clarification on the requirements for FPS CPD and distance learning, and
  • reiteration on the mandatory requirement of consumer and carer representatives in each stage of the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of accredited activities.

I encourage all training providers to refer to this document when planning, developing, delivering and reviewing accredited education and training in primary mental health.

I also encourage all GPs to refer to this document when reviewing their current skill sets and participating in professional development relating to mental health.

Associate Professor Morton Rawlin
Chair, General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration



Mental-health-training-standards-2020-22_A-guide-for-GPs.pdf Mental-health-training-standards-2020-22_A-guide-for-training-providers.pdf